Participatory Management

In Global BMA Administración de Fincas we propose a model of participatory management in the communities, where transparency comes first. Transparency is a mechanism which allows us and each of the owners to know the functioning of the community and how its funds are managed.
This model of management means that all the owners can collaborate in the management of the decisions taken in the community.

The participatory management is based on good communication.

The participatory management is found in a good policy of internal communication, which structures and channels all the messages between the different owners of the community. However, to be able to take decisions it is indispensable to have all the important information updated. Global BMA, Property Management in Mallorca , is prepared to assume this challenge.

We commit to having our web updated, including periodical expenses updated, budgets, invoices, etc. On this web each owner can communicate incidents, break downs or problems, which will be visible to all the owners, updating in real time the management and its solution.

The owner can also make suggestions or proposals which Global BMA will manage, will request estimates and collect the opinion of the rest of the owners, so in the moment of taking a decision, normally in a meeting (ordinary or extraordinary) all the owners of the community have the necessary information
The objective is to avoid that the owners arrive at the meetings only with the points to be discussed, which makes it difficult to take important decisions as to repairs or improvements in the installations of the community.
The situation changes diametrically if you have time to think in advance and you have all the necessary information and documentation such as proposals, budgets, necessities of an extraordinary matter or not, etc.

This participative administration model therefore results in saving time at the AGM as the information has been given to the owners in advance, They have the information to be able to suggest changes and state their agreement, or not with the proposals.

At the same time, the publication of periodic reports on expenses facilitates a control of the economic and financial situation of the community of owners, avoiding surprises at the end of the year. We aim to include all the necessary information clearly and in an understandable was as a voluntary presentation of accounts, which will negate any possible of nontransparency in the administration of the Community Accounts.

More transparency in the management of the community expenses and a better communication with the Administrator of your community.



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