What is the efficiency energy certificate?

The efficiency energy certificate or energy certificate is an official document which informs about energy characteristics of a real estate. It bears in mind several factors such as production of hot water, light, heating, refrigeration, insulation, carpentry, etc. It is also relevant to the climate of the area, the house orientation and the year of construction.

According to the annual consumption of the energy of a house or a premises, an energetic label is assigned. A scale from A (more efficient) to G (less efficient) is used, such as seen on the fridges and other electrical appliances.

In conclusion, it is a document which informs a possible buyer or renter about the energy efficiency of the real state in comparison to others with similar characteristics. In the case of the existent buildings it informs also about the measurements to improve the reduction of energy consumption. In this way we can compare real estates with others

The energy efficiency certification is compulsory since June 2013 to sell or rent a real estate, either a house, a commercial premises or to rent a whole building.

There are some exceptions:

  • Homes with less than 50m2 area
  • Churches and places of worship.
  • Farm buildings, protected buildings, etc.
  • Garages or storages are not habitable spaces so they do not need this certificate to sell or rent. .

certificados energeticos mallorca

The owner has to inform about the energy qualification of the home to possible buyers or renters. Besides, they have to provide the original certification, registered by the competent authority, when you sign the sale before the notary, or you have to give a copy of it with the rental contract.

The notary has to communicate both sides about the obligation to have the energy certificate. The deed will state the buyer was informed about this question. Therefore the developer or building owner is responsible for showing the qualification during the offer, promotion and publicity for selling or renting a building or a unit of the same.

Any consumer can report the owner who wants to sell or rent a home without the energy certificate.

It is considered a serious infringement to sell or rent a home if the seller or landlord has not shown the energy efficiency certificate. This document has to be updated and registered by the competent institution. The fines can be between 601 and 1.000€.

The law establishes three kind of fines according to the severity of the infringement:
Slight infringements: fine between 300 and 600€.
Medium infringements: fine between 600€ and 1.000€.
Serious infringements: fine between 1.000€ and 6.000€.

The energy certificate has to be done by a competent technician (architects, building engineer or architects) and it is valid for 10 years.

In Global BMA we have professionals who can do this certificate.

Global BMA have competent professionals to process the Energy Certificates

We take charge of everything that has to do with the energy certification of your property.
We visit your property to raise all the necessary data (compulsory by law).
We compose all the documents to enquiry the certification to the Administration.
We deliver you the energy label.
We administer the register of your energy certificate in Mallorca.



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